Thursday, 19 November 2015

The First Things to Do When a Work Injury Happens

Work injuries can happen anywhere or at any time. While more common in industrial and construction businesses, accidents such as falls and collisions may occur in any work environment. All businesses should take precautions to maintain safe workplaces, but employers must also be aware of what to do in the eventuality of a worker getting injured on the job.

Getting Out of Harm's Way
The injured person's well being is always the first concern. If there is any immediate danger in the vicinity, such as malfunctioning equipment, the employee should be moved to somewhere safe. A supervisor should check on them, and they or a trained individual should apply any available first aid.

Emergency Situations
If the person is incapacitated or otherwise severely injured, they should be brought to a hospital's emergency room, or else the supervisor should call 911 for an ambulance.

Lesser Injuries
For injuries that appear less serious, the employee should be sent to a walk-in clinic or other care facility for evaluation and treatment. If their injury may inhibit their mobility or driving ability they should be escorted by their supervisor or another employee.

Acting quickly when an accident occurs can reduce further issues, and may even save someone's life. See this website for more about workplace injury care in San Diego.

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